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Our Clients

Self-Insured Employer Groups

Employers that meet specific financial criteria and obtain excess workers' compensation insurance form into self-insured employer groups when the employers in the group are members of an organization

Insurance Companies

Typically requests an IME when an objective assessment of your medical condition, including what treatment you need, whether you have a permanent impairment and to what degree, and your ability to work in the future.

Utilization Review Companies

Industry professionals that utilizes an extensive network of physicians and other healthcare clinicians to improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care while eliminating unnecessary treatment and expense

Government Agencies

Requesting a variety of second opinion and occupational health services such as: pre/post employment exams, fit-for-duty evaluations, retirement exams, substance abuse screenings, disability exams, functional capacity examinations (FCE)

Law Firms

Legal experts in various fields of law that include: Michigan No-Fault and Motor Vehicle Law, Workmen's Compensation, Personal Injury, Environmental Law, General Liability,  Employment Law, Toxic Torts, Medical Malpractice

Third-Party Administrators

Organizations within the insurance industry that are charged with processing insurance claims, managing workers' compensation, disability and retirement programs

IME Vendor/Referral Companies

Companies that offer extensive networks of credentialed board-certified health care providers as well as other ancillary services nationwide.

Case Management Companies

Medical advocates comprised of experienced clinical professionals dedicated to case management and providing cost effective, medically appropriate healthcare options.

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